Collector or Hoarder?

Friends~I love teaching!  I love looking out and seeing a classroom filled with students laying all over on pillows and beanbags.  Books open and pencils going.  That hum in the classroom is impossible to recreate unless you have created a space for your students to feel at home in.  A space where supplies are out and in tubs at their levels.  A space where there is cozy seating and soft lighting for reading. 

Colorful classrooms=smiling children.  Children that have an urge to learn.  An urge to dive into centers and get their hands dirty in learning.  Sure it is sooooo much easier to put your supplies away and only get them out in large group settings. (If you do this, then you never have to train your students!)   Sure it is cheaper to not always be on the HUNT for the perfect item to spark interest in your students.  I fight this battle all the time. Am I a collector or a hoarder?  Is my room too much? 

I think not:)  I love every inch of it and my students do to!  So, I am a total collector.  A collector of learning, excitement, smiles, light bulb moments, and an uncontrollable urges to explore! 

Are you a collector of a hoarder?  
Does every collector need to sort through their treasures every once in while?  YEP!  I have been doing that sorting this week and I have had tons of fun!  Out with the old and in with the NEW! 

Check out my newest addition to room 331!  
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