Common Core Text Exemplars Resource

Common Core provides a list of text exemplars for each grade cluster. If you haven't looked at this list, you need to go to their website and print it out. I haven't been able to locate all of the books (which is disappointing and frustrating, people!), but have been able to get multiple copies for many of them to use in my classroom. I have started to look at using literature in my classroom in a different way by reviewing these text exemplars. I might chose one page or chapter from a text to use as the basis for several days' worth of lessons. While I am using the lit in my whole and small groups, I put activities reinforcing Common Core skills in our literacy stations. I have started a separate page on my blog for these activities and am planning on adding to it on a regular basis. They are for the second and third grade text exemplars. The focus of my work changes as I delve deeper into Common Core with my children and learn more effective ways of incorporating the text exemplars into instruction.

Just click on my button below to go to my new page of text exemplar activities.

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