Cubby Label Solution!

How do you label your student cubbies?  I used to put sticker labels on mine and every year I would either have to completely rip the old labels off and scratch off all the remnants or place another label on top (which after a few years tended to end up in a stack of labels).  Neither way was efficient or necessarily nice.  How about something different?  Try making cubby clips!

Simply using binder clips with a label on the end is a perfect solution!  In my picture, the clips are pretty wide, but my mock cubbies are not very thick either.  If you have thicker cubby shelves, the clips would be flush - or even try smaller binder clips (Mine were the really large ones).

Someone else mentioned the clips easily coming off, but I can tell you I had to pry my clips off those skinny cubbies when I was finished with them.  If you are worried about them sliding off with student papers inside, you could always place them on the left side of the slot and make the name tags vertical.

Either way, they are easy to change from year to year to match your classroom theme and won't leave all that sticky residue on your cubbies!  Stop by The Organized Classroom Blog to see a few other ways you could use these clips to organize your bookshelves or multiple sections of classes AND grab a Hollywood Theme freebie of the labels I made that are completely customizable!

Enjoy and see you there!

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