Discount Homeschool Learning Style Assessment

With a new school year approaching, it's time to check to make sure you have a homeschool learning style assessment for each child. These assessments are more than just the auditory, kinesthetic, visual learning styles. By working through an assessment with your child you will find out their disposition (what makes them tick). You'll get a better idea of their talents and interests. You'll even learn what type environments work best for them. Do you know whether your child would rather think and create or perform? Do you know which of your child's interests are higher on their priority scale than others? After going through these with my children I was amazed at what I didn't know about them.

You can listen to my interview with Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis the co-founder of the Learning Success Institute, read her book, or get a discounted Learning Style Assessment at the Homeschool Learning Style Assessment page on my website.


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