Editable Newsletters for Parent-Teacher Communication

Are you looking for ideas for Parent- Teacher Communication? One of the best things that you can do throughout the year is to send out weekly or monthly newsletters. These newsletters can include a variety of information such as reading, writing, math, birthdays, field trips and more. It is also nice to make room for a student of the week or student of the month. At our school, we like to call it the Star of the week.

As you well know, many working parents are not able to visit the classroom as much as they would like. They really look forward to receiving these newsletters to be aware of student expectations and classroom happenings. That is the reason that I created some neat newsletters that you might like.

I know that every teacher has different needs when it comes to what they like to share in their newsletters. My newsletter pack includes 5 different versions of each monthly newsletter. They include pre-made titles, pages with different size text boxes and a black and white version as well. You will also find a bonus template without a monthly header so that you may add your own title. This Newsletter Mega Pack includes 3 different formats of the documents. You will receive one 65 page PDF file, one 66 page Editable version in Microsoft Word and one 66 page Editable version to use with your Power Point program. As you can see, I have provided many options in this pack so that you may use the file format and newsletter template that best fits your needs. Even-though the newsletters have monthly headers, you can still use them as weekly newsletters for that month. All you have to do is write the date or something like "Week #1" under the monthly heading. If you choose to use the editable version, you can easily add a new text box under the heading to add the date. Also available in Spanish.

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