Exploring Coins

My kiddos are gearing up for our first real project! A couple weeks ago, we did some explorations with coins. I passed out pictures of the fronts & backs of coins, labels telling the worth of each coin in written in words & in numbers, in cents & in dollars....just lots of information about coins.

Each child had one a coin or a label. I challenged them to find others who "matched" their coin. So, the child who had the penny & the child who had the 'one cent' label needed to find each other. But the children who had $0.01, 1c, 'penny', and the back of the coin also had to get with the group too.

Once all were in the correct group, they got to make a poster using the coins & labels. They also added labels to their posters. It was a great learning activity for them, as well as a formative assessment for me. While working on the posters, it occurred to one or two of them that we should 'teach' the first graders about coins.

Well...it's happening next Friday! My sweet kiddos have come up with the best ideas...they're going to teach them a coin song, talk about the posters, and they're creating games for the firsties to play! I am SO excited to see how they develop the games! What a great learning opportunity for my kiddos & or the firsties!

Click on over to read more about my Coins Exploration Pack.

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