Fall is almost here!

My family and I took a little drive, today. As I looked out my window, I could already see some of the trees starting to turn their colors. I love Autumn, it is one of the prettiest times of the year. I'm so excited for it to already be here. After I got home, I had to run outside and setup all of my Autumn decorations on my front porch. I was that ecstatic about it! I want to apologize, in advance, my pictures are not that great... But I wanted to share them with you anyway.

{As you can see, I love scarecrows! I think they are so adorable.}

By now, you're probably wondering why I am sharing this with you. Well, I have been so inspired that I decided to sit down and share some of my favorite Fall Learning Activities on my blog, "Mommy and Me Creations"! I would love to have you stop by, and see what I have shared with all of you. I hope my little post helps inspire you, and celebrate this special time of year too! 

Mommy and Me Creations

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