Foldables ~ A Fun Way To Engage Students and a Freebie!

Foldables are such a fun way of engaging students, as well as serving as fabulous graphic organisers!  There are so many fantastic foldables out there and so many creative ways that teachers are using them in their classrooms.  I use foldables for pretty much every subject in the curriculum.  They are perfect for my kiddies in Grades 1 and 2, as they still require a lot of scaffolding to clearly organise their ideas and thoughts.  I even use them for maths.  This past week my maths class were struggling with learning the months that belong to each season, so we created a simple foldable to help them in this area.  I have created a proper printed version as a freebie.  Just pop on over to my blog to download a copy!  What kinds of foldables do you use and how you use them in your classroom!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!

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