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You may remember a while back when I shared my first endeavor into clip art with you all on my blog. (The first one was a character set for the Three Little Pigs. Feel free to check it out here if you missed it!)

I have recently made some new clip art for class mascots. My class is going to be the bees and my teaching partner's class is going to be the chameleons. Since we will switch often and will need to have supplies for both classes in both rooms, it's easy to separate the two by using different team mascots.

When I was in kindergarten, we had a team of 7 teachers. Only 4 of us had recess duty each day, so we had to take in each others' classes. We all had class mascots then so calling the kids to line up was easy. Each of us had signs to give to those taking kids out to recess. Sometimes the kids didn't hear the teachers calling, but saw the sign for their class mascot. 

Just a thought of something that could help your year go a little more smoothly and bring the class together as a team!

You can check out the bee and chameleon clip art by clicking my button below. 

Hope you can use it, too!

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