Happy Bloggy Birthday to... Sub Hub!

I completely can't believe it, but my blog Sub Hub is one year old today! I can still remember the indecision I felt at starting a blog. Lots of people had told me I should start a blog, and I wanted to. But what would I blog about? How would my blog be different? Why would anyone want to read my blog over someone else's? Then I decided, I was being silly and I should jump on in.

At the urging of a great group of teacher bloggers, they suggested I blog about subbing. I so didn't want to hear that at the time... I did not (and still do not) want to be a sub. I just wanted to pretend that subbing didn't exist. That's when I embraced the power of positive thinking. If I am going to be a sub, by golly! I am going to be the best sub I can possibly be... and I want to try to help other subs be better as well... and help teachers plan for subs along the way. Lofty goals? Maybe, but that didn't stop me from trying. And while I feel like there is still so much I want to do with Sub Hub (I am learning more and more everyday about how to be a better blogger), I do feel like I have made a drop of a difference.

To celebrate my bloggy birthday, I made a birthday freebie... a classroom birthday card for classmates to sign for the birthday kiddo. And I did a look back at the first life of Sub Hub, featuring my favorite posts from each month. Come on over... there's no cake, but there is a freebie!

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