Have You Got Time For Open House?

It's that time of year again. No sooner have we got back to school than the powers that be are firming up diary dates until next summer. We have barely welcomed the new children and started to learn their names let alone what makes them tick, than it's time for Open House - and it's getting earlier every year! In the UK we call it Open Day or Meet the Teacher, but it's much the same. And I know how much the pressure is on to get everything ready.

It's great to have something a little different for the parents. After all, Open House is all about first impressions - and we all know how important those are in schools... I've seen some fabulous ideas, from parent child activities, little gifts like apples and cookies, welcome poems, and goodie bags. But all of that takes time to prepare. It's great to meet all those parents, but let's face it, we have all felt exasperated at some time when, no sooner have you set out your classroom expectations, run through the daily routine and gone over the details for field trips, homework and special events, than a new set of parents arrives and you have to repeat everything all over again. Don't you sometimes wish all that information could be on a lop for them to access as they and their children get familiar with the class...?

Well today's your lucky day. Wish no more 'cos baby I'm your fairy godmother.. I've waved my magic wand and with a flourish I've come up with the answer to your prayers - a slideshow that can be run on a constant loop at Open House, so you save yourself oodles of time and save the strain on your voice... Allelujah!!

A little while back I blogged about one I prepared with a cute bird theme. Well, now they're available in lots more designs. And I'll happily take requests for slideshows that match your classroom theme. Why not take a peek - clicking the images below will take you straight there. And as for me - well I'm just dashing off to the Expo. I hear it's a real blast this year!

Happy holiday weekend

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