Homeschool History Curriculum

This time of year many homeschool parents are looking for a homeschool history curriculum to suit their needs. History is basically a collection of stories handed down from generation to generation. There is no need to panic and think that someone needs to teach all aspects of history in just a few years.

As homeschoolers we need to pace ourselves and decide to teach a certain period of history each year. I've listed all the periods of history for both World and American History. For those of us that like to teach history with living books or literature, I've listed the best history reading lists I could find.

Of course, I listed my favorite books and curriculum to use for history. For elementary grades I love using picture books so I have a nice list of picture books that I like to use. There are some complete homeschool history curriculums listed there too for those with older students or people who just like having a packaged curriculum.

Homeschool History Curriculum


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