Homeschool Legal Defense Association Interview

The Homeschool Legal Defense Association has been protecting the rights of homeschoolers for many years. They took a few minutes out of their busy schedule and agreed to do an email interview with me. I didn't pull any punches and asked them questions like "Can I join the Homeschool Legal Defense Association if I already have legal problems related to homeschooling and if so, will they be covered?" and "Do you have to be a Christian or use a certain type of curriculum to join the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)?"

Many people view their services just like they view any type of insurance. It's much easier to settle a legal dispute when handled correctly from the beginning. Having a company like HSLDA before an issue arises is the best line of defense. There are also some discounts that come with a membership that are listed. Our interview is posted at Homeschool Legal Defense Association.


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