Homeschool Lesson Plans

What's your take on homeschool lesson plans? Are they only for the insecure or are they really needed every day? Do you spend all weekend making out your plans for the coming week or do you "wing it" most of the time? School systems use lesson plans to keep track of what teachers are teaching to make sure that they are teaching to the state standards. Homeschoolers have to answer to themselves (and to God, in my opinion) so if their goals aren't met, they either have to meet them at a later date or change their goals.

Some people think that homeschoolers have to be really organized. The truth is that some of the most well adjusted and intelligent homeschool kids I know have some very unorganized parents. Setting yearly, monthly, and weekly goals is a great idea. Having a goal in mind and breaking it down into smaller pieces is how most homeschoolers survive.

I've written a post about homeschool lesson plans with various ideas on how to structure a homeschool day without burning out before Thanksgiving. I hope it is helpful to someone.


How to Homeschool

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