Introducing Letters and Sounds-Alphabet Charts

As a reading teacher, I work with little ones who benefit from extra practice and exposure to help them meet grade level expectations. Many of my kinderkids come to school without any exposure to the alphabet.  This can be overwhelming at times because in addition to recognizing and naming the letters, our ultimate goal is for them to be able to manipulate all of the letters and their sounds when reading and when writing.  

Luckily there are so many different tools and activities to help expose them to the alphabet.  One of my favorite tools to use an alphabet chart combined with the ABC Song. I love working with alphabet charts because of their simplicity and their ability to provide access to so many teachable moments!  In addition to reinforcing letter identification, alphabet charts also reinforce some of the basic print concepts identified by the Common Core Learning Standards.
Come on over to see how I use alphabet charts with my little literacy learners to help them become more independent and ultimately serve as a means for them to figure out unfamiliar letters on their own.  I also created a new alphabet chart for back to school time, so you can pick up this FREEBIE when you are there!

 What tools and activities do you use to help them learn their letters?  
~ Mrs. McKown

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