It's a Pete the Cat Matching Sets Free Download AND a New Wiggles Book!

Hey there, Teaching Blog Addicts!  I have a great activity for your little ones on my HeidiSongs Resource blog this week, especially if they like that happy cat Pete!  It's a matching sets activity in which you put the correct amount of buttons on Pete's shirt, according to the number that is written on the paper.

I think it is extra fun because the buttons stay on with VELCRO!  Don't your students just LOVE Velcro????

 In addition to this fun game, I have info on our brand NEW Wiggles book, called Wiggles' First Day at School!  This is a great book to help kids learn the procedures at school, such as:

*  Only using a little bit of glue.
*  Putting things away rather than throwing them on the floor.
*  Holding scissors and cutting the correct way.
*  Lining up without pushing or shoving.
*  Asking questions rather than telling stories.
*  Solving disagreements in positive ways, rather than fighting.
*  Using soft voices inside and saving the loud voices for outside play.
*  Etc., etc., etc.!

This is a really fun story to tell with a puppet in hand.  I always have the dog puppet act out the story, and the kids find it hilarious!  The story has repetitive refrain that the children love to join in on, too.  Every time Wiggles does something wrong, the children all say, "No, no, Wiggles!"  And then they repeat the correct procedure.

This book, along with the first two Wiggles stories, Wiggles Learns the Rules at School and Wiggles Learns to Pay Attention are a nice set of books to have at the beginning of the year to help teach children school rules and procedures in a fun and friendly way.
Plus, the new Wiggles story, "Wiggles' First Day at School" goes along very nicely with our new Classroom Management CD.  You may notice that the words that the children repeat as the classroom procedures are often taken straight from the lyrics of the songs on this CD!

I hope you'll have a chance to check it out here!  And have a great school year!
Heidi Butkus

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