It's That Time Again.. Back To School!

There is no feeling quite like when your child starts school for the first time, or moves to a new class. Teachers organise their classes in different ways and have different procedures for homework, class management, behaviour etc - and there are always lots of questions that parents want answering...

Open House is a great time to meet the new teacher and find out a little about what the new school year will bring for their child, They also want to know how they can help their child and how they can help the teacher. Thinking about my own experiences in the classroom, I always find it useful to have something to hand ready for parents. There's nothing worse than having to repeat your speech umpteen times as one set of parents leaves and another arrives - not good on the voice... So I've put together a little slideshow that you can run on a loop during your Open House.

It contains all the information you need to pass on to your parents, from classroom expectations to grading policies, to what you will be teaching across the year. From field trips to special events. From Daily 5 to Math, Science and Writer's Workshop. From morning arrival to afternoon dismissal. This one has a cute bird theme (the glack banding on the thumbnail is just part of the screenshot and is not on the slideshow) and can be amended to suit your schedule and activities, and put on a loop at Open House so that parents can get all the information they need at a glance. Other themes will follow.

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