Let's Talk Character With Author Kathleen Pelley

photo of quote by author Kathleen T. Pelley
I had the good pleasure of visiting with Scottish author Kathleen T. Pelley on Blog Talk Radio today; what a treat! Do you know this author? I've only recently discovered three of the books in her goldmine, even though her first title - The Giant King - was published almost ten years ago. In that treasure, a young lad suggests that the villagers treat the banished Giant as a King rather than an animal and guess what happens? In Raj The Bookstore Tiger, an ordinary Tabby cat is transformed into a Tiger by the power of a poem. Her most recent book, The Sandal Artist, is a masterpiece that chronicles the footsteps of a painter who sees the world differently once he walks in another man's sandals. I plan to use to it to enrich an empathy lesson with my older students this year. Click on the radio below to be inspired by Kathleen's words of wisdom and sweet soul. 

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