Literacy Workshop/Daily 5 Freebie

This summer I have been doing A LOT of professional reading...I think I did more reading than if I had actually taken a course! But of course, it was all great and I have learned so much. We go back to school here in just over a week and a half so I have been busy planning, and creating and organizing and trying to figure out how all of the great things I've learned about are going to fit into my classroom programs.

One of the big ones has been The Daily 5. Last year was the first year I used The Daily 5 model and I loved it. My students were so engaged and so independent and I could see all the work at the beginning of the year pay off in other subject areas too. My whole class was just really good at independent and group work because of the "stamina" we spent so much time building up.

So what's going to change? Well, you'll have to pop over to Thinking of Teaching to read all about it but I can give you a hint...

There are two freebies available...whoo hook! Don't you just love Tuesdays?

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