Making your own Interactive Stamps!

Friends~You know I love using my Smartboard in class.  I am super crazy about making my lessons interactive for my students.  When I figured out that I could use the creative pen in Smart Notebook to create a custom stamp- I have been stamping like a wild girl:)

Check out my quick tutorial showing you how I plan to jazz up my Back to School Sign in attendance board with an interactive stamp of ME!

It is so fun and it has tons of possibilities!  I have been making counters for math.  They are especially great when you can use a student's image or an image from the classroom.  You can also use it to stamp the shapes like the star and smile face from the pen options.

While you still have some summer left jump in and check this tool out.  It is sure to be a wow-er for your students!

Stop by The Schroeder Page to learn more about my Smartboard Tutorials!  Happy Stamping!  Just give my button a click!

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