Math Calendar Freebie

One of my goals for this coming school year is to start a morning math calendar in my Grade 3 class. After reading Guided Math I have a few goals in mind for my math program and you can read all about them on my blog, Thinking of Teaching. I have posted about both my long term and short term goals and am getting excited to get back into my classroom and set up for the school year. Here is Ontario we don't start until after Labour Day which means that the first day of school is September 4th...I can't wait.

To get ready for the big day I have started organizing and planning here at home. I want to max out the time I have left of summer with my daughter and hope to go into school for 2 days...I know, I know!! Crazy!

One thing I have been working away on is my math calendar, or as I plan to call it- Morning Math Meeting. The Grade 3 curriculum in my province doesn't focus as much on the actual concepts of the calendar because the students have learned about that in earlier grades so I am going to work on other concepts that I think my student may need daily practice with. I would love for you to visit my blog, read about my goals and pick up a FREEBIE that I plan to use for my Morning Math Meeting board.

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