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When I graduated from college one of my dearest friends gave me the book "Teaching with Love and Logic." She had read "Parenting with Love and Logic" and had used those tools with her own children then found Teaching with Love and Logic to be a great tool for her classroom. If you aren't familiar with the Love and Logic approach it's very simple: the idea is that students are made to be responsible for their choices in a positive environment. The ideas in the Love and Logic program don't involve sticker charts or prize boxes or elaborate rules. Jim Fay, and the other contributing authors, want children to be able to find value in good choices and they want to keep things simple for teachers as well. There are lists of golden phrases, which are really just positive ways to speak to your students. For example "I am happy to call on students who raise their hands." It sounds simple, but as you read the book you think "Why have I been exhausting myself with all this extra stuff?!" When I taught fourth grade I found the rules poster to be the best tool for me! There are just six simple rules and they really do work! Here's my favorite: "I will treat you will respect so you know how to treat me."Isn't that fantastic?! It's so simple and yet so easy for kids of all ages to understand!

Several years ago I went to a week long Love and Logic seminar in Colorado and walked away so motivated to be positive in my classroom. I have used Love and Logic in my classroom for 8 years and every year the weekend before school starts I re-read my book. It's dogeared pages and highlighted sections are a comfort to me and remind me of the kind of environment I want my students to be in.

If you ever have the chance to hear Jim Fay speak it's so worth it! He is absolutely hilarious and he is a former teacher. He talks about how he really wasn't a very effective teacher for years and how he turned things around! If you can find the time check out Teaching with Love and Logic or head to the Love and Logic website for free resources and great articles.


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