Names, Names, Names

The beginning of the school year in kindergarten brings in children at all different levels of literacy development.  Some students are working on reading, whereas others have never been exposed to the alphabet.  To reach all of the students in their classrooms, almost all kindergarten teachers spend time reinforcing the alphabetic system.  But where do you start if the child has little to no exposure?

One place I like to start is with the letters in the names of the children.  Why names?  Names are often important to our little literacy learners and they really want to learn more about their own names, and the names of their new friends.  
If you click on the picture, you can head over to my blog where I shared some activities that I have done to help expose children to the alphabetic system through the letters in their name.  I shared activities that include creating tactile letters, moving letter tiles, eating the letters, and more!  I even shared a fun little FREEBIE with you!

If you are working to reinforce the alphabetic system, you may not want to miss my last post where I discussed how I use alphabet charts as a tool to reinforce letter recognition.  (You can click here if you missed the post and/or the FREEBIE.)
~  Mrs. McKown

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