Organization: Teacher Planning Binder (Freebie)

Yesterday, for 4th Grade Frolic's Monday Made It, I posted about my Teacher Planning Binder and how I plan to put it all together. I have been thinking a lot about this binder and the organization it will provide for me throughout the school year. The binder needs to be concise and compact, I don't want a huge mammoth I have to lug all over the place. That won't be any good at all. I have decided on 5 different sections that I want my binder to have and have posted all about it over at my blog, Thinking of Teaching.

I have also decided on the things I DON'T want in my binder! I know that my decisions will result in their being more binders on my desk but I won't be carrying around extra information that I don't need on most days. It's been a very interesting process deciding on what I wanted in my teacher planning binder and researching all the posts written by other teacher bloggers about their binders. If I really think about it, I've always had one of these binders! I just didn't call it a "teacher planning binder" or I didn't keep all of the information I currently plan to in the one binder.

On top of all this research and decision making I have a created a few freebies for you to come and pick up! I'd love for you to visit my blog, pick up a freebie or two AND leave a comment all about your teacher planning binder!!

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