Quick and Easy Methods for Self-Assessment

How do you involve your students in their assessment process?  Do you have them reflect on work they have done before they hand it in?  My students used to dread their reflection piece, as it meant more writing for them.  I have to admit, I also wasn't overly thrilled to add to my marking pile.  I changed all that last year, and started to use two quick and easy methods for students to assess their work.  These methods work for any subject, are very visual, and are easy for the students to understand and remember.  Best of all - the students actually enjoyed these methods - to the point where if I forgot to ask them to complete one of the methods, they reminded me or simply completed it without my asking.  Can't ask for better than that!

The two methods I have been using this year are "Glow and Grow" and "Traffic Light Comprehension".  Come on over to my blog to read a little bit more about each assessment method, and see how very easy they are to implement.  I've also created a
little freebie poster for each method that can help you explain the strategies to your students.

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