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I recently reviewed a book called More Social Study Resources that was written by Anthony D. Fredericks in 2000. Even though it was written quite a while ago, I still found it to be a very valuable resource. Any teacher or parent whether they are in a public school, private school, or homeschool can use this great resource.

The book helps parents and teachers rethink their view of social studies and curriculum. The author helps parents and teachers see how a literature based plan can help students make connections that can't really be made with a textbook.

He also addresses the problem of having to teach to state standards and puts those fears to rest. The book is designed for grades K-6 but can certainly be used for older students. Each of his books uses 32 pieces of literature and can certainly cover a whole years worth of study.

You can view my complete review and information on where to find these books at Social Study Resources.


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