Sparkle Stories Review

sparkle storiesI had never heard of Sparkle Stories until a few months ago. Blogs I was reading were talking all about how they loved these stories. They said they were having their children listen to them while the mom was fixing dinner. That's quite a feat to keep kids occupied so mom can get something done.

I just had to see what these stories were all about. I contacted the authors and they were very happy to offer me a one month subscription to their stories. Subscription?? I had never heard of subscribing to stories before... Although Sparkle Stories can be purchased, it's a much better deal to get a subscription because they offer new stories in each series every week.

I liked the fact that they had sample stories to listen to so that people could see if they like them before they subscribed. One mom talked about how she started listening to a story and her daughter came over and crawled into her lap and they were both hooked on these cute stories.

You can read my complete review over at Sparkle Stories.

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