Storing Your Pointers!

How do you store your pointers and other long objects, such as your meter/yardsticks?  I have always leaned mine up against a corner of a closet or even next to a wall, but it seemed like I always forgot they were there and did not use them at some opportune moments.  Since they are so long, they do not easily fit in a box for safe keeping.

Today, at The Organized Classroom Blog, I actually came up with a fun way to store some of these items! It is super easy and can be put together in 30 minutes or less!  You will need the following items:  wrapping paper cardboard tubes, duct tapes sheets, and small binder clips.  That's it!

The best part?  You can match your classroom theme and change them from year to year as it is super simple!  Stop by and check them out for yourself!

See you there!

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