stylish to-do lists for your organizational pleasure.

I can never have enough to-do lists.  I keep one in a notebook, I keep one in my planner {right there on the daily pages}, I have post-its virtually everywhere.  Yet I still always feel like I need more!  Or it could be because I just like crossing things off, but that's a whole different issue to explore.  ;)

With everyone in Back-to-School mode, I figured you could use some organizational help.  So I've created 6 free to-do lists.  They all say "Cross it off.  Be happy." at the top because I think we all get some satisfaction from crossing out {or scribbling through} things we've accomplished.  The border colors and fonts are all different so there's something for everyone.

If you're afraid of using too much of your sacred printer ink {how is it always empty?!} you can print one & laminate it.  Or stick it in the clear cover of your binder & write on top of that.  Or you can just print it out at school in black & white {sshhhh!} but what's the fun in that?!  Hello...color coordinating also equals happiness.  Yes, I hear your clapping!!

Happy Back-to-School planning!  I'll continue to update you with pictures & all of my first day ideas as I finally get moved in to my new classroom & get settled!

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