Summarizing Hokey Pokey and Graphic Organizers Freebie

Who's up for a little hokey pokey in the classroom? Well, who wouldn't be, really? Here is a fun and free packet of the Summarizing Hokey Pokey Poster and Graphic Organizers. Summarizing is skill necessary for students of all grade levels to master in order to demonstrate comprehension of stories. This is a packet that contains a summarizing song to the tune of the hokey pokey plus several graphic organizers to practice summarization strategies. 

This packet includes:
• A Summarizing Hokey Pokey Song Poster
• BME Graphic Organizer
• SWBST Graphic Organizer
• Story Map Graphic Organizer
• Book Advertisement Graphic Organizer
• 5 W’s Graphic Organizer

The graphic organizers can be used with any book you choose, or put in a center for students to choose their book to summarize. So get your students singing, moving, and summarizing with this freebie from Picture Book Lessons. And be honest, who's singing the song now?

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