Teacher Feature:{A Year of Many Firsts}

Hi Sweet TBA Friends!

I’m Lyndsey from A Year of Many “Firsts”.

I am a 25 year old, first grade teacher in Baltimore who loves
teaching, blogging, graphic design, traveling, and ANYTHING outdoors.

This will be my third year teaching first grade. I cannot
imagine having any other job. First graders are the funniest people on Earth!

Today I’m going to share some Story Elements posters and
Comprehension Strategy posters with you all. I posted about the Comprehension
Strategy posters awhile back over at my little blog, but since then I’ve added a
few additional strategy posters and some multi-cultural clip art. Woo hoo!

I use these posters when introducing each of the elements and strategies. I like making two copies of them, one copy to use during guided reading time and another copy to display on my reading bulletin board. I find these to be especially helpful for students when they are working with a partner or independently. They act as great visuals for students to refer back to all year long.

I hope you enjoy these, and can find a space for them in your own classroom!

All of these goodies can be downloaded for free below!

Have a FABULOUS school year!

Stop by and visit me to hear some funny first grade stories and to grab more free resources!

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