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Well Hello Teaching Blog Addicts! Yes, I am still here :-) I apologize for my absence. I will be honest with you...I was so excited about being asked to author for TBA! Well, after my first few posts...I asked myself, "What am I posting here that they can't already see on my own personal blog?!" I began questioning...am I TBA worthy?! I am being silly, right! 

My TBA post today is all about those too stinkin' cute teacher toolboxes that are popping up all over the blogiverse! I want one! Do you have one? I am going to order mine today! Order yours too! We will make it together. I am still trying to decide if I want the big one.....

or the small one.....

What do we need to make this? Here is our shopping list: 
Krylon makes a spray paint specifically for plastic. I am not 100% sure if we would need this special spray paint, but I am going to get this kind...just to be safe. I will go with a white paint.
 To line the drawers, we can use scrapbook paper and whatever pretty font that we want to use to label!

Are you ready to make your toolbox!? Are you with me people?! {......crickets}

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