Technology Research Tools in Education

Web 2.0 Tools in Education Series
Research Tools: A Quick Guide

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a resource that explained, in detail, everything you needed to know about research tools for education: what tools were available, how to sign up, getting started, etc.?

Research Tools
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Luckily, Dr. Mohamed Amin Embi (a brilliant mind) has been developing an educational series of web 2.0 tools.  Now, we can all get more comfortable with the language of the researching tools we may have been avoiding.  This e-book is available for free through Scribd.  You can view it online for free, download it for a cost, and even print a copy to organize in a binder (Scribd members). 

I have found this resource to be a very beneficial tool.  I love that I can search a specific tool and learn more about that in a matter of minutes.  You can check this free book out here.


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