The Student Agenda: "If you have one, why don't you use it?"

I teach grade 7 and they really are eager at the beginning of the year. It's a fresh start - for all of us. They have their new mechanical pencils that will run out of lead and become trash within a week, shiny new geometry sets - complete with protractor and compass. Things always start out with so much promise! The "honeymoon period" I affectionately call it - because they're also eager to get organized. (Of I've learned that this doesn't actually last - sorry to you new teachers out there;)

I'm lucky. I really am! My students do come equipped for class with the appropriate materials and the right attitude (for the most part). Although I take it for granted sometimes - I do realize this is a big deal! On top of that, most of my students also purchase our school agendas that first week of class. They just can't wait to get their hands on these things, for some reason. What drives me crazy, is that they don't truly USE them! But, why?

lessons from the middle, student agendas
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They're a great organizational tool! There are spots for goal setting, time management tips, math helpers - not to mention designated places to record homework and assignments. So, what happens to those students who are so eager to get organized during that "honeymoon period"? Why do those agendas become nothing but "paper weights" by the end of September? I think I've figured out at least part of the problem and I also have what I hope may be a solution for it.

lessons from the middle, student agendas
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Come on over to Lessons From The Middle - I'll fill you in on my theory and you can grab my "student agenda" freebie as well!

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