Time for Sight Words...WATCHES!

Learning sight words can be a very B.O.R.I.N.G task.  Boring doesn't work for me so I thought I would try to make learning sight words a bit more interesting with our Sight Word Watches.  Don't get me wrong...kids can't learn by sight words alone...but they are very important to any successful reading program.  Kids get to color their watches, cut them out and wear them!

We are having so much FUN with our new sight word watches!
What time is it? Reading time!

They have FUN and they are learning to READ!!
Here are a few Sight Word statistics:
*12 Sight Word account for 25% of those we read and write
*100 Sight Words make up 50% of those we read and write
*About 300 sight words account for 75% of those we read and write

My girls went NUTS over these and walked around all day with their sight word watches!
What a HUGE success with my little Moffatt Girls!
Hop over to The Moffatt Girls to read more about our sight word watches:)

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