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MentorMob: a VIP Version of your Internet

MentorMob is a free site that allows you to browse content to use for lessons or professional development.  You simply view playlists (a bunch of files/sites put together into one strand) or create your own playlists.  At first, I just used the browse feature to see what other people were creating.  Then, I began to grow more confident thinking I could develop my own playlist.  

To view a playlist:

Once you have found a playlist you'd like to see further, just click on it.  At this point, you have two options: you can click the big next arrow at the top of your screen or hover your mouse to the left of your screen to expand a table of contents for the playlist.

Sounds fun, right?  Guess what... you can embed these nifty playlist right into your site:

Create your own Playlist on MentorMob!

You can add these playlists into your Edmodo site, ClassConnect account, class blog, etc ~ sweet!  Additionally, the MentorMob site makes it super easy to share your playlists via Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn since they're all integrated into the platform. 

To create a playlist

You do have to set up an account to create content (but not to view).  No worries though, you can sign up by using your G'Mail or your Facebook username.  It look me less than four seconds.

Once you're logged in to MentorMob, click create at the top.  You can enter content by: pasting in a link (which is all I did), uploading a file, or adding a quiz (I tried this feature, too).  I threw the lesson below together in about 8 minutes.  I knew I had an Educreations lesson I made already created.  So, I decided to do a place value playlist to show as my example.

I thought I'd start my playlist with an animated segment from Scholastic's Study Jams to serve as my anticipatory set.  Then, I wanted to add my actual lesson.  I added my Educreations clip on place value (lesson 10.8 from Everyday Math).  After that, I added a fun game (Base Ten Bingo) from ABCya Games.  You can have the kids play this on your interactive white board or on the computer.  My final (4th) step is a brief 4 question quiz ~ it's fun... you should try!  This was very easy to create.

Create your own Playlist on MentorMob!

I now have many options for my playlist:
  • leave the playlist/lesson for a substitute
  • flip my classroom
  • post on my class site
  • add to Edmodo
  • share in my e-Newsletter
  • save as public to collaborate with other colleagues
  • have kids view it in centers (like a 'new' webquest)
  • send home via email to parents when kids are absent

Yes, I'm quite excited about the many, many possibilities.  Plus, I have a new hobby ~ creating playlists!  My former middle school students would have loved creating playlists.  Imagine allowing students to create content?!?  #LoveIt

{click here to see pictures from my recent trip to Mentor Mob}

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