Why Teach Sight Words?

Sight Words...we have to teach them...so why not make it FUN?

3 BIG Reasons to Teach Sight Words
1. Some sight words do not follow commonly taught phonics rules and cannot be sounded out.
2. Knowing the most common words in the English language makes students more fluent and faster readers.
3. Teaching sight words allows students to be more confident readers and encourages them to focus on other words that require decoding skills.

What kid doesn't love to play with pretend money?  I recently made some Sight Word Money to help teach and reinforce some of the most common words that kids need to know by sight.  Since it has been proven that kids learn best when they are playing, I have tried to make learning sight words FUN.   What better way to learn sight words than to read your sight word cash?  You can collect your sight word money in your boy or girl wallet, which makes it super fun!  Hop on over to The Moffatt Girls blog to read more about our sight word cash!

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