Fern Smith's Before and After Classroom Pictures

What Do You Do With a Brown Paneled 1970s Portable?!?!
Your very best to make it inviting for the students! I hope you like some of my pictures! ~Fern

AFTER: Front & Center of Room, Ready for Meet the Teacher Day Since I worked Summer School Reading Camp, I was able to keep my room up. Nothing faded and since I really liked the dark blue-light blue-black theme, I was going to use it again this year!
BEFORE: Front & Center of Room
 AFTER: Back Left of Room
Math Center, Math Supplies, Vocabulary Board & 
Gathering Area for Math "Areas of Concern" Board
 BEFORE: Back Right of Room at Front Door
 AFTER: Back Right of Room at Front Door
AFTER: Back of Room, U-Shaped Table is 
Ready for Meet the Teacher Day.
 BEFORE: Entire Right of Room at Front Door
  AFTER: Right of Room, Ugly Green Shelf. 
 AFTER: Two Black Shelves 
The cubbies for the red and the blue group.
Treasure Box & Magic Frogs ~ they hold the reward blue and red tickets.
 AFTER: Two Black Shelves For Cubbies
 BEFORE: CHAMPS and Behavior Board, Needing a Pick Me Up! 
AFTER: New and Improved CHAMPS Board!
 AFTER: Now the Couch and the Computer Areas
AFTER: Vocabulary Word Wall and the Computer Area
 AFTER: Library, Bean Bags & Math Magnets
AFTER: Rest of Library Facing the Couch
 AFTER: My Beloved Elmo, Organized, Untangled and Ready to Use!
 AFTER: My View While Using the Elmo & Restroom
 AFTER: My Desk, Fridge & Micro
NOTICE ~ Sub Plan Folder smack dab on the left hand side of my desk!
Well everyone, that's it...it's old, brown paneling, but I love it! My friend in fourth grade calls her portable a LEARNING COTTAGE & so my hubby now calls mine a LEARNING CABANA! 
I ♥love♥ it no mater what we call it!
I'm Fern Smith, my school's Teacher of the Year and 3rd Grade Team Leader.
If you haven't been to my blog, I'd love for you to drop by and follow me! 
Thanks, ~Fern

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