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Hey yall!
I am so, so, so excited to be here today!
I am Natalie
and I hail from over yonder at Teachery Tidbits.

I'm 27 years old and live in Augusta, GA. Golf, anyone? If you have any inkling about golf tournaments, you know that Augusta is home to the most prestegious golf tournament each year...The Masters! That is definitely our 'claim to fame'......which is a good thing, because there isn't much else around!
I have been a first grade teacher for the past 2 years in Atlanta, but am currently still looking for a new school home here in Augusta. Fingers crossed for me, friends! This area is flooded with many amazing teachers and too few positions. I am hoping I will get back in first grade soon....those littles definitely captured my heart!
I wanted to share a little resource that I used with my kiddos to help them with writing. In the primary grades, when students are just learning to write, they seemtowriteeverylittlewordlikethis.
Now, I know we can all read that...I mean, we are teachers! But those sweet little guys still need to do it right, yes?
I know that there are tons of different ways to help students remember the spacing with their writing. In the past we have used our fingers, popsicle sticks, eraser tops...you name it!
But last year I made these little guys for my kiddos and they loved them!

Every time my littles were working on their writing, they pulled out their spacemen {and spacewomen!} and got to it! They just LOVED getting to use these little guys! We even learned a little jingle to help us remember :)
Your littles can have fun with these spacemen, too! Just click on the picture to download.
Quick tip for these guys-don't try to cut around every little nook and cranny...that will take forever! I usually cut around the body in the circle. But you DO need to cut the top portion out around the lines! This will make a .5 inch space for primary students using handwriting paper.
Also, because these are pretty small, they will definitely need to be laminated. I would even suggest using a small personal laminator, because I have found those to be more sturdy than the big laminator machines found in many schools.
After you finish downloading, I would love for you all to come check me out!
Later, yall!

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