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Homeschool ChicksHi everyone! We're thrilled to announce a new homeschool site, The Homeschool Chicks. You may recognize the smiling faces below since we are also TBA authors. All of the chicks have something special to offer our readers since our experiences as home educators vary from veterans to newbies. Even though we may be different, there is something we all have in common- we love homeschooling and we're excited to be able to share our journeys with others!

Heidi (The How-To Chick) addresses almost every question about homeschooling. {CLICK HERE} for an author detective printable and many more free homeschool items!

Annie (The Reading Chick) is A.MA.ZING with all of her unique reading tips. {CLICK HERE} for a wonderful Fall Freebie. Hop on over to Annie's site to see more of her phenomenal creations and ideas.

Cindy (The Math Chick) has the best math teaching tips for homeschoolers. {CLICK HERE} for a "math on the fly" addition lesson. Using dead (plastic flies rolled over) and live (really plastic) flies will make any child scream for more math, especially during Halloween time or when teaching a lesson on insects. Hop on over to Cindy's site to see how she uses this lesson for a work box or math station.

Heather (The Organized Chick) is the go-to chick for organization tips. {CLICK HERE} for election sentence builders. Hop on over to Heather's site to see more exciting ideas!

Tamara (The Fun Chick) enjoys making learning fun! {CLICK HERE} for a spooky sounds poster for a fun way to teach onomatopoeia, especially near Halloween. This activity will have your kids roar with laughter instead of moaning and groaning during writing.☺ Hop on over to Tamara's site for more details on how to teach use this poster to teach onomatopoeia.

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From The Official Book of Homeschooling Cartoons by Todd Wilson at www.familymanweb.com

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