The Best Labels Around! from Bright Star Kids

So it's winter gear time and you've got your Mom hat on today. You've got your list and you're off to the store. New snowpants, check.  New hat, check.  Enough pairs of gloves to get through a season, check. The list goes on!

You've spent hours shopping and your hard earned money, your kids are happy and have all of the gear they need to stay bundled... only to invariably lose half of this stuff before you can sing one verse of Jingle Bells!

I know first hand as both a teacher and a Mom how difficult it can be to keep track of all of this stuff.  At a preschool it's even more difficult to find your treasured personal items; books, shoes, coats, toys, water bottles, boots, gloves......they all look alike!

I became a label lover myself after my husband and I spent several days this past spring searching Jacob's day care for his favorite stuffed horse Dido, after he misplaced it.  Eventually Dido made it home, but only after a few very awkward conversations and a lot of effort.  Lesson learned-writing your name on it isn't enough, but a bright personalized label sure would have helped. 

Teaching Blog Addict's sponsor Bright Star Kids would like to save you some serious time, effort, and drama this winter season (And for the rest of the year).  Bright Star Kids's products are great for teachers, parents, and kids - as they have provided a durable range of personalized name labels that can help organize any kid's gear and ensure that it safely returns home.

This is a great time to check out Bright Star Kids personalized labels for kids, as they are currently offering free shipping, for a limited time!  You can check them out on the online for more details.  In the meantime, here is a closer look at their all-important daycare and preschool label set, which is great not only for personal items, but also for those very expensive items that most day-cares require you to keep on hand (diapers, wipes, lotion, juice).

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