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Winter is, oh, so....warm!?!?

Yes, you read the title of my post correctly!
We had an awesomely warm day today (which I hope continues until Friday).
But that also makes it hard to brainstorm winter things when the weather is just to darn nice!
Come on by my blog to learn how we turned our classroom into a Winter Wonderland by playing fun games and activities at our learning centres!
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Countdown Clock & Youtube In Education

Come visit Teaching Happily Ever After to see how you can get an amazing countdown clock like this one, and how I'm using it to make my teaching time count!
Also, find out how I'm using YouTube videos in the classroom- and how you can too!

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Tomorrow is National Digital Learning Day

How are you going to celebrate National Digital Learning Day tomorrow, February 1? Visit Teaching...My Calling for a Technology Linky Party. You are sure to find something to add to your curriculum. While you are there, be sure to add your favorite link, too.
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Giveaway Sponsers

MsT3 joyin6th Homepage Sunny Days in SecondMe and Marie Learning Tales of Frogs & Cupcakes Kreative in Kinder Fun in First The OC Blog Button TIFFANI Can Do Kinders
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I Love Valentine's Day!

Click on the image above to find several posts on Valentine's Day ideas
and then keep scrolling down.

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Fluency Center and Freebie!

Last year,  I had several parents donate $ to purchase flip cameras for my classroom through Digital Wish.  Be sure to check it out if you have never been to their site.  It is a great way to gain more technology for your classroom.  Back to the flip cameras:)  I have been working hard this year to meet all of the areas of fluency in my guided reading groups and in centers.  I have a fluency center in my classroom where students can go to practice quick reads, record their reading, practice chunking phrases, and also punctuation reads.

 Head over to The Schroeder Page to grab your FREE fluency poster!

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Valentine's Day Pinterest Finds

Find fantastic Valentine's Day ideas {and share yours!} that are pinned and now collected all in one place. Be sure to repin your favorites and grab the Teaching Pin Addict Button. We are accepting links to specific Valentine's Day pins or Valentine's Day pinboards.

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Double the Freebies?

I know so many of you love to read a little collaborative blog I put together just a few short months ago called Classroom Freebies.  Well, with all the demand to add more contributors (I couldn't due to Blogger limitations), I decided to go a different route and add a sequel to the first!

Introducing Classroom Freebies Too!  Whoo hooo!  If you head over to The Organized Classroom Blog now, you can read about how to best support the contributors so they continue to donate all their amazing freebies and if you are a K-12 teacher blogger, you can find out how to become a contributor as well!

See you there!

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Groundhog's day free printables

Groundhog Day is February 2nd. It is said that if the groundhog sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of bad weather, and if he doesn't, that spring will be here soon.

You can visit the official site here

I made these worksheets to learn bit more about  Punxsutawney Phil (and his relatives :)

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Want some neat things on your blog?

I have added some really need features on my blog!

I have a blue Twitter bird flying all around my blog.  When you click on him, it links right to my Twitter account!!

I also added the illusion of snow falling in the background for these winter months.

I found some easy-to-follow tutorials that show you how to do these things (among others)!

Come on by to check it out!
~ Mrs. McKown
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A Different Take on Reading Groups

Curious about how you could do reading with your students differently? 

Come on over and see what I do.

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Heaven gains an amazing teacher

I am very sad to share with you that Pamela Woods of The Vintage Teacher has passed away. I had the privilege of getting to know Pam through emails and blogging and I really admired her passion for education. She loved what TBA represented, as well as other collaborative blogs. She will be dearly missed by so many.

Her family and I would like to have a tribute in honor of Pam. Pam's favorite thing to post about was freebies on Fridays so we will be dedicating this Freebie Friday to a wonderful TBA author who we had the honor of learning from. If you decide to post a freebie this Friday, please post her button on your blog's post in honor of this amazing teacher.

And please leave a comment on her last post by clicking {HERE} to let her family know how she touched our lives.


Here is a note from Pam's family-

Pam was a dedicated teacher for years and education was always an important part of her life and the lives of those around her. Pam was a friend to many and helpful in providing insight and educational tidbits to others when they asked for help. Outside of education, Pam was involved with her church family and maintained relationships with family and friends over facebook. 

Pam will be missed by many and will always be remembered for the impact she had on education and children.  Thank you for following her blogs and being a part of her life. As her family and friends, we are sure that you had a positive impact on her each and every day.   Thanks for honoring her in this way and helping us share her story with others.  
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Character - It's in the Cards

Today at The Corner on Character, I'm kicking off a week-long Character Celebration during which I'll share daily character-infusion ideas and bulletin board designs for your character building. Drop by to see how I'm using the deck of cards idea to get our kids with character wondering, thinking, reflecting and problem solving.

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