Let's Talk Character and Really Good Stuff

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Today at The Corner I hosted a really good interview with Brandi Jordan from The Teachers' Lounge blog over at Really Good Stuff. Click the radio icon above to tune in and hear what she has to say about her job with RGS and how you could be a guest blogger for them.
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Culturally Responsive Practices

Today I attended a workshop about being more culturally responsive in our classrooms. It was very eye opening and I am looking forward to bringing a lot of ideas back to my classroom. It's was an interesting day spent reflecting on my current teaching practice and whether or not I have been open and have an inclusive classroom. I hope I have...but like with everything else I can always get better.

I'd love for you to come on over and read about what was discussed today and some of new strategies I am going to be implementing into my teaching practice.


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Free Interactive Math Games

As I was looking for free websites with interactive math games, I found this one.

Students can use the tens frames to count how many, build numbers, fill in numbers, and add. I am planning on introducing it as an option for a math game.

I also noticed that they have some other games for different concepts.

 To see all of the activities this site offers, click here.

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Measurement Freebie!

Here's a center I created to help my kids practice their measurement skills.  They will measure using inches (whole, half, and quarter).  Click below to snag it! 
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Nothing Says Birthday Like Dr. Seuss

With Dr. Seuss's birthday coming up on Friday, I wanted to share a few pics of the birthday party we had for one of my daughters a few years ago.  Dr. Seuss is a favourite around here, so this party was one to remember for us.  Come on over to my blog to see a few pics and share in our fun.

Happy Wednesday!


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Famous Homeschoolers

Here is a short list of famous homeschoolers. Some might not be a surprise to you and others might be quite a surprise to you. Enjoy!

Famous Homeschoolers

CLICK HERE to see some of my new products and several freebies too!


How to Homeschool
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DIY Dry Erase Table Top and an Inferring Freebie!

I have been working so hard in class to set up a cozy nook to increase reading and also to revamp my guided reading area.  After making my Dry Erase Reading Cart I decided that I was going to attempt to make a Dry Erase Guided Reading table.  I made a template of my kidney shaped table with bulletin board paper and then bought more panel board at Home Depot. I had a parent cut the table top!  Check it out below.  I am so thrilled with how it came out.  My students have been referring to reading on it and practicing their spelling words.  I love being able to pose questions for my groups in marker before they come back!

I also spent some time putting together a Readers Connect Inferring unit this week. Below is a preview of my unit.  My students have loved being able to practice in lots of different ways.  From pictures to peeks into book-bags.  You sure can learn a lot about a person from their book-bag:)

 You can head over to The Schroeder Page and learn more about how I am teaching Inferring and also get a Freebie from my Readers Connect UNIT!
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We finally did it!

Teaching Blog Addict has created pinboards for all of the teachers who love to pin! We plan to be pinning LOTS of terrific teaching ideas that we find in the blogosphere so become one of our first followers today! You won't want to miss out on our spectacular finds!

Follow Me on Pinterest

Warning: Pinterest is VERY addicting so don't say we didn't warn you. :)

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March Calendar

I've posted my monthly calendar for March- come on over to grab yours.

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Classroom Organization Pinterest Finds

Find fantastic classroom organization ideas and photos {and share yours!} that are pinned and now collected all in one place. Be sure to repin your favorites and grab the Teaching Pin Addict Button. We are accepting links to specific classroom organization pins or pinboards.

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Those tricky CVC/CVCe words....

I've noticed that my students have a lot of trouble reading words like this:

bit ~ bite
pin ~ pine
man ~ mane
scrap ~ scrape

Although we've talked about the Silent E, Magic E, Bossy E, any vowel blank e rule, it's just hard to know when to use the short sound or the long sound!  I made this game to help them practice reading these words.  Check out my blog to find out more about it!

*Disclaimer - You may have just seen a post from me that seemed surprisingly similar to one I made a few days ago.  That's because I must be losing my mind.  I forgot I already posted it, so I deleted the 2nd post.  Sorry!!!!

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Do you know your A,B,C's?

Now I know my A,B,C's,
Next time won't you sing with me?!

I want ALL of my students to know (and master) their ABCs so I created a cute magentic letters activity and you can have it for free!

Come on over to my blog to check it out!

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My students love JogNog! Read {my blog post} about this great site, so you can start using it with your class, too!

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FREE Phonics worksheets

One of my favorite parts of being a kindergarten teacher was helping children learn to read!  After struggling year after year to find great letter sounds worksheets, I created my own!
And check out my blog for extra ideas on how to help young children develop letter sound awareness.


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Transform your Teaching/Parenting with PEACE

Join us in the 7 week challenge to transform your teaching and parenting with the Teaching with the Fruit of the Spirit study. For 7 weeks we are having a mini-study (approx. 10 minutes each week) to motivate, encourage and inspire you to be the BEST teacher and/or parent you are intended to be! {CLICK HERE} to listen to the introduction on TBA Today and get all the details now. You don't want to miss out on this challenge!

In this week's show,  Annie shares her heart on how to have PEACE in teaching and parentingPEACE in the midst of the storm.  A PEACE that surpasses all understanding.  When we have THAT kind of PEACE, despite our difficult circumstances, what an example to the children in our life!  (Just click on play to listen and make sure to open a separate page if you decide to go blog-hopping while listening to the program.) 

Did you miss previous programs? No problem. You can listen below.

Feb. 14- LOVE
{CLICK HERE} to listen now.
Feb. 21- JOY
{CLICK HERE} to listen now.

We hope you'll continue tune in on Tuesdays (anytime) and listen to Time Out Tuesdays on TBA Today, which is located on the right sidebar.  We'll also be posting a new scripture each week for you to download and memorize on our blogs so make sure to hop on over. We'd love to hear from you!

The Moffatt Girls
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Adventures of a Sub

Did you know that Brandi from Really Good Stuff was a substitute teacher? Me neither. Today she shares her adventures as my guest blogger at Sub Hub... and she wrote a really cute poem to go with it.
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Creative Writing FUN!

When I taught 4th grade I loved teaching writing but after several months writing 
paper after paper after paper, writing got a tad old and super boring. 

Thankfully there are now some awesome online creative writing resources to make 
writing FUN and EXCITING for your students! 

Click on over to find some way to get your sweet kiddos excited and eager to write!

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Need a laugh this Time Out Tuesday?

The highly anticipated Funniest Teacher Stories is ready for the world to read! Be prepared to laugh until you cry! Just click on the book below to download your
FREE E-book now!

You are more than welcome to share this E-book on your blogs and pin it using this link!
We decided not to publish this book as originally planned and make it into an E-book so we could offer it for FREE to teachers everywhere. Thank you for your contributions. Not all submissions were selected for this E-book. This project is now closed and no more submissions are being taken.

If you'd like to read more funny stories from teachers,
make sure to check out this hillarious linky party at Kindergarten Lifestyle.

Laugh away!
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Seussville in the Making...

Today was a ton of fun.  I wanted to share a few pictures from the free Mini Unit I posted yesterday.

Mr. Weird teaches pigs to moo and cows to fly.

Mrs. Trampoline teaches kids to jump.

Mrs. Starfeel teaches the kids to watch the stars.

Mr. Explosive teaches kids to blow up things!

Mrs. Plastic teaches the kids to recycle.

Mrs. Bouncy teaches the kids how to jump.
I've been working secretly to change my room into Seussville.  My friend Elisabeth Delk has the BEST patterns available in her store.  When she released her top selling unit, I email and asked if she would package just the patterns.  I'm overwhelmed with the amount of STUFF I have to do this week and wouldn't have the time to incorporate an entire unit...although it looks FAB!  She immediately responded with an uploaded pattern pack.  MUCH.LOVE.TO.YOU.ELISABETH!!!!  I projected her patterns on the Elmo and made patterns larger than me...NOT KIDDING!  The kids are really going to flip out!

I plan on finishing the rest of the Seuss friends tomorrow.  When I arrived at school, my vice principal had decorated the workroom with Truffula Trees.  The book of the month for March is The Lorax.  My school does a fabulous job at transforming the school to match the theme of our book of the month.  Check it out...

A Styrofoam ball on a plunger with a boa glued to the the ball.  Easy!!

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