FREE sight word sentences

If you follow my blog, you probably know that I believe in teaching children sight words.  I think it helps them to become fast, confident readers.  I use the Dolch sight words list to create Dolch sight words flashcards but, of course, I don't stop there!  To help make learning sight words fun, I like to create corresponding sight word sentences that are filled with sight words so that children can begin reading full sentences after learning only a few sight words.
Head over to my blog to get the sight word flashcards and the sight word sentences.  As with everything on my site, it's all totally free.  So far I have them for the preschool, kindergarten, and first grade Dolch sight words lists -- I just added the first grade ones today!

Enjoy!  Renee

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Do you love teaching about weather?  I do!  It's one of my favorite things to teach.  The students really get into it, especially when we start talking about thunderstorms and tornadoes.  First, we made a list of weather words.
Then I gave each student 10 raindrops that they could write and illustrate their words.  They wrote "Weather Words" on a cloud shape at the top.
We also began filling out our Weather Books that I posted on my blog as a freebie.
We also sang this song about the wind and filled out a chart to tell about how wind helps us and how wind harms us. 

Head on over to my blog to get the FREEBIES!!

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April's Fools Day Freebie Packet!

When I am in the classroom, I use quite a bit of humor on a daily basis... I explain concepts using funny analogies, I make fun of myself when I make mistakes, and I friendly joke with the students to keep things light-hearted. I find that it's something that makes substitute days a little easier for me and the students, although I never like to be too serious.

Because this is my natural teaching style, April Fool's Day is one of my favorite holidays to bring into the classroom. Although, I tend not to incorporate the pranks, but tackle it more in terms of silliness. I invite students to share school-appropriate jokes with the class (and I have heard some really good ones over the years).

I also like to have students do a holiday-themed activity or two and maybe even have a packet for morning work and early finishers. I have had some trouble finding April Fool's Day activities beyond the word search, maze, and crossword puzzle, so I created a free April Fool's Day Activity Packet for free. You can find the link and more information on Sub Hub.
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Writing Paper With Checklist FREEBIE

Do you have students that forget their capitals? Leave off punctuation? Have no spaces between words? Maybe skip words?

I came across a brilliant writing template the teacher had made up for her students. I  have subbed in this first grade class several times and I see how it really works for them. I wanted to make something similar, so I created a template myself!

Students write their sentences and then have a friend check off or initial the boxes to show that the student has done that thing on their paper. The box even gives an example.

Then the students can fix anything that they forgot or left off. Finally, they can draw their picture to go with their writing.

I have seen the improvement in these kids since they've started using this paper. They are less likely to leave off punctuation, because they want that line signed!

Come on over to my blog and get your freebie :)

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Anyone Need a Lucky Pencil?

Even though I am not working in the testing grades this year, I can feel the stress and tension from my colleagues who are.  Can you?  I wanted to share this little Lucky Pencil I made for my students last year.  
I made the pencil out of a roll of Mentos (you could also use Rolos), yellow and pink paper, a Hershey Kiss, some aluminum foil, etc…  I attached a star with an encouraging poem that I wrote saying,
"You are ready, feel strong! 
Work carefully & you won't go wrong! 
Use your noggin, do not stress! 
Just do your best on the test!"

Come on over to see how to put it all together and for a FREE copy of the star poem!
~Mrs. McKown
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Writing Centre posters...freebies!

The Writing Centre is always changing in my classroom.
My students LOVE going there to write words, simple sentences, lists, letters and more!

I created these themed posters for my Writing Centre and you can download them for *free* too!
I created a whole bunch of themes that will carry you throughout the year.

Come by my blog to get your copy!

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Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Here is a quick bulletin board idea to wrap up your Dr. Seuss unit using the book "Oh, the Places You'll Go."  Cut scrapbook paper into hot air balloon shapes and let students pick their favorite pattern.  Then cut a basket from brown paper.  Have students write about what they want to be when they grow up.

You can head on over to my blog to download the writing paper for FREE.

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Torn Paper Rainbow Art Project

Here is an art project that your kids will have FUN making for St. Patrick's Day, and it's wonderful for strengthening those fine motor skills, too! You can also teach your children the correct order of the colors of the rainbow by using the anagram- ROY G. BIV, which represents Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. 


Hop on over to see how these were created! 
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Take Your Students on a Length Measuring Scavenger Hunt

Here is an activity that is great to use for students to practice their length measuring skills. Send them on a classroom Measuring Scavenger Hunt! The activity can be done as independent practice, in pairs, or even groups... however you choose to manage it. The free download in available using nonstandard units of craft sticks or standard units of inches and feet. Be sure at the end of the hunt to share all the answers to show students that there can be multiple correct responses. What can you find that is 10 inches long? Visit Sub Hub for the free download link and other ideas.
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Sweet Testing Notes

State testing is looming and our sweet kiddos need all the encouragement they can get! 

So I've created some fun little notes  
{most of which should have a little treat added to it for extra incentive}
to leave on your students desks the morning of the test.

Come on over to print out your own sweet testing notes! 

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I Want to Catch a Leprechaun

Don't you?  :)
I teamed up with Traci at Dragonflies in First for this St. Patrick's Day poem!

So cute!!!  Come on over to my blog to grab the matching word cards and fill in the blank worksheet.  Everything is offered in a black and white version, too.  :)

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