100th Day T-Shirts

Whether you celebrate the 100th day of school, or its just typically the primary grades in your building... everyone can find someway to celebrate 100! Upper grades can use fractions or percentages to play off of 100 or second grade can explore the thousands by seeing groups of one hundred. What about dividing your day into segments of 100 minutes or doing something of high interest for 100 seconds?

The ideas keep coming! So far we have 61 teachers who have shared their ideas with you, all listed here on TBA! Click the photo to check them out! You'll also find Pinterest boards for more ideas.

Maybe you are finding yourself needing a T-Shirt to help celebrate? Even if that's all you do, you can be a part of the fun! You know that we've got your back with our Teacher T-Shirt Shop

There are two Happy 100th Day designs {and lots of colors of shirts... even pink!} They are only $19, so you can afford to send one to a friend, just like Mrs. Albanese shares on her blog. What a fun gift!

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