See Ya! Google Reader and Hello Feedly

A few years ago I happened to come across a new tool to keep up with all of the blogs that I love. Many of you are aware that Google Reader will no longer be available come this summer. This could be your solution. It took all of my Google Reader blogs I follow and subscribe to and automatically imported them for me. For me, now when I want to catch up, I use Feedly.

See Ya Google Reader and Hello Feedly

You can mark articles for reading later, or mark as read. When clicking on a new blog post, no new windows open. Rather, a stand out article opens right in the page and makes for simple getting back to the other posts I haven't read yet. This is pretty similar to how Pinterest works.

You can create categories for your blogs - for example, I have a set of Kindergarten blogs that can be found in one click.

See Ya Google Reader and Hello Feedly

I can still see all the info I want about who wrote it, when they wrote it and be able to share it. All it takes to visit the actual post is to click on the title. A reminder for me to head on over and comment!

See Ya Google Reader and Hello Feedly

You might want to check Feedly out if you're looking for a teacher-friendly and picture full solution to reading lots of blogs! You know we've got your back here at TBA. We receive nothing for promoting them, it just happens to be what I {Leslie} personally use to make my time reading blogs efficient. Hope it can help you keep up with your favorites.

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