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Freebie Friday!
Freebie Friday!
Freebie Friday!
We have an expression at work, PAYDAY FRIDAY! All of us seasoned teachers with savings and the new teachers living paycheck to paycheck, we all say the same thing....Payday Friday. It is kind of like a National Holiday at our school, someone is collecting for a baby shower ~ can I pay you on Payday Friday? Going together to get our nails done ~ let's go on Payday Friday! Dinner and the movies with our spouses ~ Payday Friday my friend! 
But here at TBA it is just the opposite, you never have to wait until Payday Friday.....it's Fun Friday, Freebie Friday, every Friday! Teachers spend enough of their own money for school, we're so glad that we can help you save a little of your money...you know for dinner and the movies ;)

Our featured item this week comes from Kim at The Very Busy First Graders
A 3D Activity complete with FOOD!
Her blog has some terrific pictures of the activity!
   Thank you Kim!

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