Teach Junkie - A Teacher Feature Loaded With Freebies

Being a teach junkie isn't just what I do, it's who I am. I am the official teach junkie and collect ideas, free downloads and teaching ideas to save you time and effort. Teach Junkie is the sister site of TBA that allows any PreK-Grade 5 grade range teacher (bloggers too) to contribute their ideas to share with others.

Teach Junkie is already hopping with ideas in all grade levels and has links and ideas to teach math, ela, holidays and more. We've got over 48 categories for you to find ideas and goodies and more will be added as you join in and share your ideas!

Teach Junkie - A Teacher Feature Loaded With Freebies

You'll get a free collection of classroom posters as a thank you gift for becoming a subscriber.

Teach Junkie - A Teacher Feature Loaded With Freebies

All in One Place

My goal for Teach Junkie is to save you time by providing one place for teachers to share ideas and find ideas! I get so much joy from sharing the awesome work that teachers do, so I've got your back and will be excited to host your ideas in organized categories where people who are looking for them can find them with ease. Anyone can share a photo and a tip - it's that simple once you're registered!

Calling All Teacher Bloggers

Bloggers, I invite you to join in by picking your great ideas you share on your blog and share it with the Teach Junkie community. Your content can't be cut n' paste, nor just a "this is something new I made" post, but it can link back to your blog post if you have more that you want to share. You can upload tips, tutorials, activities or diy-creative photo reels. We've got some guidelines in place to help your posts be received the best and to also get the most spotlight!

Teach Junkie - A Teacher Feature Loaded With Freebies

Plus, I love to highlight your ideas! I create collections of your tips that you share on Teach Junkie and feature favorites. Or you can always join in on the fun every Tuesday in our weekly event!

Teach Junkie - A Teacher Feature Loaded With Freebies

Here are some of my favorite collections to date:

Teach Junkie - A Teacher Feature Loaded With Freebies

Fonts can be so helpful in creating classroom worksheets, activities fun and unique! Many teachers love making their own so I've collected 42 free fonts all in one place that were created by teachers to help make your classroom activities fun and add just the right touch.

Teach Junkie - A Teacher Feature Loaded With Freebies

Mother’s Day activities are perfect for this time of year so use these 28 Mother’s Day crafts, gifts and poems for Mother’s Day to make it a special occasion. You’ve got an audience of one special lady to create for and we know that she’ll treasure such precious gifts from little hands.

Roll and Cover “Bump” Cool Math Games - Teach Junkie

Roll and cover games for math are a smash hit for helping students practice addition, subtraction, number sense and multiplication. Cool math games like all of these compiled here are dice games that help practice addition and subtraction with fun themes. You’ll find themed games by character, season and inspiring variations on this classic game - enough to cover you for the whole year!

So who is this original Teach Junkie? I am Leslie, the author of KindergartenWorks and the Co-Founder of TBA. If you're a creative teacher who likes to share, then I invite you to be a teach junkie too!

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I hope to see you over at Teach Junkie so we can explore some great ideas, contribute to the community and save time together! Be sure to start with our most famous post: 26 Free Teacher Fonts.
I love working together to make a bigger impact and finding ways to determine my tommorows, today.
- Leslie

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