Last Day Countdown... For Your Own Children!

TBA is excited to share it's newest line of tshirts: cool shirts for kids - School Sprouts! Many of you are already fans of the variety of the teacher shirts we've made available - we hope you'll love that your own children can have special school day t-shirts too. Right now we are stocking the shop with gear for the last day of school.

Whether it's a cute $14 shirt for last day of school autographs... last day of school autograph shirt - Introducing School Sprouts - Cool Shirts for Kids or the MOST ADORABLE last day of school photo shoot... last day of school subway art - Introducing School Sprouts - Cool Shirts for Kids kindergarten graduation... kindergarten graduation tshirt - Introducing School Sprouts - Cool Shirts for Kids
or just simply celebrating the last day of school, We've hopefully got it covered! Dressing up special just became super simple and easy {{on you}} and your child for the end of the year. Preschool through fifth grade t-shirts are ready to print for your custom order.summer break tshirts for kids - Introducing School Sprouts - Cool Shirts for Kids
These comfy shirts are printed by our partner Spreadshirt are are ready to ship within 24-48 hours of ordering - just as you've come to love with your teacher shirts! Our designer is always up for new shirt ideas - so if you have a cool idea for a shirt, we'd love to hear from you. Want to know when the next promotion is happening? Follow School Sprouts on Facebook.

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Get FREE shipping through 5/8 with Teacher Appreciation Coupon Code: FREE2LOVE when you order 2 or more items.

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