6 Back to School Teacher Shirts

It's time to get your back to school gear from Teacher T-shirts. Here are 6 back to school and welcome back to school shirts for teachers. These shirts are fun for the whole grade level team or for even just yourself.
1. Happy First Day of School - You'll love making the decision what to wear on the first day of school easy with this "Happy First Day of School" shirt. It's comfy and will help you stay cool under the pressures of the first day. Plus it's a great way to snap photos and mark the special day.

$15-20 | Available in women's classicwomen's, men's classic, v-neck, and lots of fabric color choices

2. Happy First Week of School - Want to get more than one day's use out of your shirt? Now you can with this "Happy First Week of School" teacher tshirt. Wash and wear as often as you want - it'll hold up under the work and long hours of the back to school sprint.

$15-20 | Available in women's classic, women's, men's and lots of fabric color choices

3. Happy First Day of School Colorful - These more classic fitting t-shirts have a rainbow palette that suits both male and female teachers. It's a "Happy First Day of School" shirt designed just for teachers.

$15 | Available in women's classic, men's classic and lots of fabric color choices. Sizes, fit descriptions and measurements are available at the bottom of each t-shirt's individual page.

4. Welcome Back to School - Welcome your students back to school with a fun and playful shirt for teachers. This simple "Welcome Back to School" message printed digitally on the front is perfect to wear to your meet and greets, open house events or even on the first day of school. Plus, you can wear it the first day returning from any vacation or school break - which is ideal for teachers on a year-round schedule!

$ 15-20 | Available in women's, men's classic and lots of fabric color choices

5. Welcome to Our Grade - These grade level t-shirts are only available for a limited time. Coordinate with your grade level team to welcome students into the new year of "cool." Perfect for a meet and greet time and to make it easy to find any third grade teacher dressed in yellow!

$20 | Available in men's and women's for each grade level | 1st grade | 2nd grade | 3rd grade | 4th grade | 5th grade | 6th grade | Middle School Available for a limited time while supplies last - to be retired!

6. Kindergarten is SO Last Year... Welcome to First Grade - It may be a little cheeky, but what's not to love about showing off that you're a "cool" grade to be in? This fun teacher shirt is for first grade teachers to wear at the beginning of the school year.

$15 | Available in women's classic and men's classic and lots of fabric color choices

There you have it - 6 back to school and welcome back to school shirts designed by a teacher just for teachers! Whether you're ready or not, a new year will be starting. With your new gear, you'll feel a little more prepared. Act fast and place your order now.

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